Work Experience

Stripe, Inc. | San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer, Summer 2018 - Summer 2022
  1. On the Storage - Key Value Infrastructure team
Airbnb, Inc. | San Francisco, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2017
  1. Worked on Paid Growth team on display ads
  2. Created an internal log aggregation service for purposes of investigation
  3. Developed multiple data pipelines to assist internal campaign management and bidding
Cisco Systems, Inc. | San Jose, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2016
  1. Dockerized internal services to ease development and creation of virtual environments
  2. Configured Redis and Postgres services to sync with existing master databases
  3. Designed and automated internal tasks to help the product team
Rocket Fuel, Inc. | Redwood City, CA
Engineering Intern, Summer 2015
  1. Migrated data from Hive to Vertica using Python-based data pipeline
  2. Created optimized Vertica tables for production use
  3. Wrote a D3.js-based visualization for data analytics with NodeJS back-end with a Spark pipeline to populate a MySQL database
Rocket Fuel, Inc. | Redwood City, CA
Web Applications Intern, Summer 2014
  1. Fixed production bugs and corrected bad user experiences
  2. Worked on a Ruby-on-Rails web application that interacted with a sophisticated database
  3. Learned about intricacies of using multiple JavaScript libraries inside of the web application
  4. Familiarized myself with code-reviewing processes
Rocket Fuel, Inc. | Redwood Shores, CA
Engineering Intern, Summer 2013
  1. Developed a visual representation of Rocket Fuel, Inc.’s business model in JavaScript
  2. Prepared and gave presentations to the CEO and CTO
  3. Understood the implementation of various JavaScript libraries and object-oriented programming in JavaScript

Teaching Experience

University of California at Berkeley | Berkeley, CA
Computer Science Mentor | Spring 2015 - Spring 2016
  1. Leads a discussion section for an introduction computer science course every semester
  2. Teaches Python, Scheme, SQL, binary search trees, recursion, iterators, generators, and streams
University of California at Berkeley | Berkeley, CA
Computer Science Tutor | Fall 2016 
  1. Leads two discussion sections for introductory computer science course, CS61A
  2. Grades project composition scores and leads project parties, where students collaborate on class projects
  3. Works on open source Ok project, used in the grading of projects and homework assignments
University of California at Berkeley | Berkeley, CA
Computer Science TA | Spring 2017 - Spring 2018
  1. Teaches a group of 25+ students the introduction to data science course, CS C8
  2. Designs and develops course materials to be used in discussions and lab periods

Courses Taken

  • CS 61A - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • CS 61B - Data Structures
  • CS 61C - Great Ideas in Computer Architecture
  • CS 70 - Discrete Math and Probability Theory
  • CS 161 - Computer Security
  • CS 162 - Operating Systems and Systems Programming
  • CS 168 - Internet Architecture
  • CS 169 - Software Engineering
  • CS 170 - Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
  • CS 186 - Introduction to Database Systems
  • CS 188 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 189 - Introduction to Machine Learning